Diary of an IDC Candidate

By Mehmet Hurer


After the excitement of winning the IDC sponsorship competition from the London Diving Chamber in March, I managed to calm myself down and read the small print. Here, I discovered that I had a very generous timescale of one year to complete the Instructor Development Course - plenty of time to prepare myself at a nice steady pace. Alex, my PADI Course Director at Rec-n-Tec, had different ideas. He said, “I’ve got an IDC in a few weeks [May] and you’re on it. You’ll be ready – don’t worry!” 

Two weeks before the IDC

After receiving the IDC Crewpak, I started to work through the Candidate Workbook, revised some dive theory and re-read my Divemaster manual and Encyclopaedia. I started to feel confident with the academic side of things. I also went to the pool on the Wednesday evening to practise a skill circuit.

A week before the IDC

The following week, I was back in the pool for a skill circuit assessment and stamina tests. I met the other four IDC candidates: Debbie, Pete, Simon and Adam. It was obvious that everyone was really passionate about diving and looking forward to the IDC. We all passed the skills circuit and stamina tests - a real confidence boost!