15th May

Rec n Tec had a great dive to 50 Mts on the wreck of the Moldavia and completed Steve Jellis final dive for his Tec 50 Course, WELL DONE

21st = 22nd May

We will be at Gildy this weekend running all courses and specialitys, also come along if you fancy a dive

Upcoming Open Water Weekends

9th = 10th July

Weekend of training and fun at Gildy

16th = 17th July

Weekend of Wreck diving in Swanage, only 3 spaces left, let us know if you would like to join, 30mts max

We are running a trip to the Red Sea from 4th-11th September. Diving costs will be £230 for a 5 day dive pack with 2 dives per day. Nitrox for recreational dives available free of charge to divers with an Enriched Air certification. Divers to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

Check out our Blog site http://recntec.blogspot.co.uk

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